Home Network

The above image is my home network. The operating systems of the servers are all Linux. The switch is just a simple 8 port switch unmanaged. The router is from Asus and functions as DHCP and DNS.

  • Solo: This is my test raspberry pi server and is connected via wifi. Currently its running Telegram CLI for some tests with scripts.
  • Bot: This will function as a crypto trading bot, currently still working on the code. I plan to code it entirely in Python.
  • Zero: This server functions as an SFTP and SSH server. There are also a few security scripts running on this server, because its open to the “World”. If I log in with my user, I receive a mail instantly. Also I receive the auth.log every day via mail. In this log I can view bruteforce attacks and the ip from where they are coming. If I received a bruteforce attack I block the ip so they are always refused. (I get around 3 different ip’s that try to brute force attack the server a week)
  • Script: This server functions as the back-up server for Rock64 and Zero. It has 2 disks of 1TB and these are shared in the network over samba. The back-ups run over ssh via rsync. Also it runs a few scripts to make life a bit easier. (External ip to mail and back-up information)
  • Nas: This server functions as Torrent box and nas. It has 1 disk of 2TB for media content. This server will never back-up because its all downloadable content and i can download it again.
  • Rock64: This server functions as VPN server and nas. It has 2 disks of 1TB for my own content. (scripts, projects, foto’s, documents, etc.). It runs openVPN and i receive the openvpn log once a day via mail. This is also a security measurement to check who and when used the VPN connection.